"... rooted in the soil of Monte Sant’Urbano ..."

On the six-hectare estate, which is situated upon rolling hills at an altitude of 260 meters above sea level and predominately faces southwest, corvina, corvinone and rondinella grapes, in addition to other lesser-known indigenous wine grape varieties, are cultivated using the traditional “pergola veronese” training system.


Wines with particularly refined bouquets.

Many olive and cherry trees interrupt here and there the continuity of the vineyard plots. The vines, which have an average age of twenty years and are in perfect vegetative-productive balance, are rooted in the soil of Monte Sant’Urbano, one of the most renowned and well suited crus for producing Valpolicella Classico, where the mixture of basalt and limestone soil favors the accumulation of aroma precursors as the grapes ripen, resulting in wines with particularly refined bouquets.


Taste of Valpolicella

Cantina Fasoli will be welcomed at the company by Franco and his family and will first be invited to taste them at the same site where they are produced.