"... the Fasoli Family was the first to apply grassing techniques to vineyards ..."

Franco Fasoli conducts his wine business with a particular respect for the environment. For this reason he allows spontaneous grassing as a cover crop between the rows of vines (“Already in the 1960s, the Fasoli Family was the first in Valpolicella to apply grassing techniques to vineyards, and it seemed that everyone else thought they were crazy”, affirms Franco with pride.) in addition to integrating other methods of pest management, such as mating disruption to control moth infestations or using sulfur and copper based products to protect against fungal diseases.


"The transformation of the grapes"

Cantina Fasoli works exclusively with grapes produced in its own vineyards, which ferment in steel and cement vats, also if they undergo “appassimento” (drying), which takes place in the company’s “fruttaio” (temperature and humidity controlled drying room). Aging in wood barrels is an extremely delicate and carefully calibrated process, “because the wood serves to improve, not to distort the wine”, affirms Franco Fasoli. “perché il legno deve servire a migliorare, non a snaturare il vino”,  afferma Franco Fasoli.


Taste of Valpolicella

Cantina Fasoli will be welcomed at the company by Franco and his family and will first be invited to taste them at the same site where they are produced.